We help coordinate every aspect of your health care and wellness, so you can focus soley on regaining your health.

    Our goal is to help you to become the most
    successful patient that you can be, whatever your individual circumstances are.
  • Care Coordination
    Care coordination involves deliberately organizing
    patient care activities and sharing information
    among all of the participants concerned with a
    patient's care to achieve safer and more effective
  • ACO's?
    ACOs make providers jointly accountable for the
    health of their patients, giving them financial
    incentives to cooperate and save money by avoiding
    unnecessary tests and procedures. For ACOs to
    work, they have to seamlessly share information.

Enriching Healthcare In Our Community

Baroma, Inc. is a healthcare management company tasked with helping solve today’s challenging healthcare puzzle. Having applied its capabilities across unique markets globally, Baroma, Inc. has developed the scalability and resources necessary to overcome the most important challenges in today’s evolving healthcare environment. Its subsidiaries, doing business as Baroma Health Partners™, are among the first new Accountable Care Organizations developed as an alternative to the fragmented, high cost healthcare system nationally. Baroma Healthcare International, LLC. is the first Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO in Miami-Dade County Florida – traditionally one of the costliest, per-capita, counties in the country. Baroma, Inc. is determined to be the catalyst for change to a better system of healthcare delivery by enriching the health of our communities though the coordination, integration and accountability of care.

As lawmakers search for ways to reduce the national deficit, Medicare is deemed a prime target. Why? The cost of programs for the elderly and disabled Americans is steadily increasing. As the baby boomers age into the Medicare population, these expenditures are expected to grow. In 2011 healthcare represented 17.6% of GDP. Bloomberg estimates that by 2021 the number will increase to 20%. This is where Baroma’s management is confident of its future earnings.

ACOs may be the disruptive sleeping giant of health care reform. The professional experience of Baroma’s management team has identified that at-least 20% of health care expenses are unneeded or redundant. An ACO, as envisioned in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA – also known ObamaCare) puts the Primary Care Physician entity at the center of influence, yet most organized physician groups have no ability to sustain the interim working capital requirements to achieve an ACO agreement with CMS.

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